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How Do I Improve My Credit?

There are two main important factors when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. They are down payment amount, and credit history. Even with a large down payment, your credit score will ultimatley determine the interest rate you are paying.
Therefore, if you have bruised your credit in the past, and are unable to obtain a traditional credit card, I would recommend getting a secured credit card as soon as possible. The sooner you work to rebuild your credit, the sooner it will be rebuilt. It’s no surprise!
Most lenders want to see TWO active trade lines in with a strong payment history over the last TWO years. If you do not have another item that is reporting to the credit bureau for you, I would recommend ordering two of these. However, if you are repaying a car loan for example, only one would be necessary.
In time, you will have demonstrated a strong credit history, and become an ideal applicant for a mortgage.
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